SPO (SPOM) is a leading developer of biosensor and microprocessor technologies for use in portable monitoring devices to capture life-enhancing information within four key markets: medical care; sports and wellness; homecare monitoring and security. Its patented technology uses information gathered from the reflectance of light on the human body, in a noninvasive manner, to monitor key vital signs. The Company manufactures its products in addition to licensing its technologies to appropriate client corporations for commercialization and distribution. The Company operates through several vertical marketing divisions: SPO Wellness, SPO Medical, SPO Baby and SPO Security.


SPO Wellness™ has a line of unique technology-enabling wellness products designed to support individuals' desire to achieve and maintain active lifestyles in a convenient and comfortable manner.

SPO Medical™ has over the years, earned a stellar reputation as leading specialists in the field of reflective pulse oximetry to monitor oxygen saturation and heart rate for clinical and homecare applications.

SPO Baby provides an innovative parental reassurance device that monitors a baby’s heart rate particularly during the hours of sleeping - this ensures that you can be relaxed while the monitor watches over your baby.

SPO Security has a variety of product opportunities available for commercialization based on unique and patented technology in the security and surveillance market.